When Raising Teens, Some Nights Will Bring You To Your Knees

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“When raising teens, some nights will bring you right to your knees.

The frustration, exasperation, irritation, slammed doors, stream of angry words, and tears will be too much.

The silver thread of connection will fray.

Everyone will say things. Bad, unforgettable things. Things that cannot be shoved back into mouths. 

Everyone will retreat to their corners. Lights dim. Tears freely flowing.

These will be the nights there is no ‘good night’ uttered. Only utterings of anger.

Energy heavy all around. A suffocating mood.

Even if you forge a way, any way, and make it into their room, their back will be to you. Any attempt at reaching for them will be rebuffed. Apologies left on the floor, crumbs under your feet.

These nights will hurt your knees, your eyelids, your resolve.

You will feel lost. Dejected. Sitting alone in the wreckage. Hands empty. Heart broken.

But morning always comes. And with it, some gesture, though tiny, of reconciliation.

Bristles flatten. Hurts soften.

Shoulders relax.

A look, however brief, of forgiveness.

Day always follows night and brings with it the opportunity to start again.”

Tired, frustrated mom sits outside with coffee cup and hand on her forehead.
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