51-Year-Old Was Asked To Adopt Cousin’s Daughter After 2 Miscarriages, Doctor’s Warn They’d ‘Never Have A Child’

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After two miscarriages, Kris Monsour was told they would never be able to have a child. At 41 years old, they threw themselves into work to grieve the dream they had always hoped for. But, almost ten years later, when a cousin asked Kris if they would be willing to adopt, they finally became a parent.

mom snuggling her baby girl after she was born
Courtesy of Kris Monsour

Kris’ journey to motherhood is non-traditional, and it included many emotional years as they dealt with the fact they may never have a child. When they received the news they might never have kids, they were devastated.

“I knew in my heart that I always wanted to be a Mom, so I felt like the song of my heart would never be fulfilled,” Kris told Love What Matters. “I fell into a deep depression and threw myself into my work. I accepted that I would never be a mom but would be an Aunt, stepmom, and mentor and over time accepted my lot in life.”

A serendipitous moment has since allowed Kris to fulfill their dream and adopt baby Ainsley. Kris’ cousin felt her daughter would have a better life with Kris.

mom and dad taking a selfie with their baby girl
Courtesy of Kris Monsour

“She reached out to me when she was 3 months along so I was present for her gender reveal ultrasound and Ainsley’s birth,” said Kris. “I even got to cut her cord and do skin-to-skin contact.”

Along with their husband Clay, who had two daughters out of the home by the time Ainsley was born, Kris has been able to raise Ainsley and share in the experience of her family and peers. They have loved being a mom and watching their daughter grow up.

“Parenting has been so fulfilling. I am especially surprised at the new things I learn,” said Kris. “For instance, like a lot of pandemic babies, Ainsley’s speech has lagged and we have her getting support from a speech therapist. I learned that we adults talk over children instead of to them.”

Beyond all the learning experiences, Kris is just thankful to be able to be a mom.

mom dad and baby girl taking a picture outside their house
Courtesy of Kris Monsour

“I am so grateful to be a Mom. Because of my infertility and failed first marriage, I know that nothing is promised. I must be thankful for today and live each day to the fullest,” they said.

Being a mom later in life has given them more patience and stability than they would have had when they were younger. It goes to show that with time, good things will happen when they are meant to be.

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