Toddlers Who Shared Adorable First Kiss Reunite And Are Making Us Believe In Love Again

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Kadee Evenson and At Breet are more than just high school sweethearts. They met when they were toddler’s and both were nannied together by Kadee’s mom.

little kids smiling and holding hands
Courtesy of Kadee and At
scrap book of two kids who ended up as a couple
Courtesy of Kd and At

Photos of the two of them when they were younger resurfaced from family photo albums when they reconnected in middle school. After having gym class together, the two began to pass notes in class, and their true love story began.

Their middle school relationship ended when Kadee moved away, but luckily the two found each other again in their senior year of high school.

After reconnecting, Kadee says, “We got each other’s numbers, and from that point on we were glued to our phones texting each other.”

couple taking cute pictures at the beach
Courtesy of Kadee and At

The relationship the two have built since then places a lot of importance on their adventurous spirit and love for traveling. After growing up in small-town Minnesota, the two were restless to leave and took a 3-month long road trip across the US.

Afterwards, the couple settled in Florida where they have begun to renovate a van to keep traveling. Kadee hopes this adventure helps them become even closer to each other.

Throughout their time together, they have learned about navigating a serious relationship while still young. Both offer advice to others in a similar situation.

They tell other people it’s important to take it slow. “You have your whole life ahead of you,” says Kadee. “Date someone that you’d be best friends with regardless.”


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couple in their van that they travel in
Courtesy of Kadee and At
couple traveling the US and looking at the mountains
Courtesy of Kd and At

At agrees, and says about Kadee, “She is my biggest supporter and my best friend as I hope to be for her. I never feel like I have to hold back when I’m with her.”

Kadee and At’s love story isn’t simple. It took three tries for it to finally stick. But with the right timing and the right person, they show how love for each other has given them the life they want for themselves and for the other person.

couple taking a sweet photo at the beach
Courtesy of Kadee and At
couple taking a photo in front of christmas lights
Courtesy of Kadee and At

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