45-Year-Old Births Surprise Daughter, And This Video Showing Her Bond With Adult Brothers Will Melt Your Heart

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With two boys already out of the house, and another 16-year-old at home, Patti Schmidt wasn’t quite ready to be an empty nester. But then, at 44, she found out that she was pregnant again with her first little girl.

family photo of parents with their sons on the beach
Courtesy of Patti Schmidt

For Patti, having Avery felt beautiful and lucky. After three miscarriages, her daughter felt like a true rainbow.

“I had always hoped for another baby, she just arrived a little later than we had planned!” says Patti. “During my pregnancy with her, I mostly felt grateful for the opportunity to experience it all again.”

The rest of the family has also shared in the joy that comes with having a little kid around again and has been able to form a strong and beautiful sibling bond.

“The best part about having another baby when our boys were older is the different kind of joy she has brought to all of us,” says Patti. “Having a little one means everyone gets to relive the best parts of their childhood through her eyes.”

mom with miracle her daughter on a pier
Courtesy of Patti Schmidt

Patti has shared this unspeakable bond on Instagram via videos and photos of her family. One video, in particular, shows Avery growing up, with all of her brothers playing with her and loving on her.


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In the video, Patti says, “Their bond is different than siblings close in age but every bit is beautiful.”

Since Patti has been both a young mom and an older one, she is often asked which experience is better. But she sees merits to both and doesn’t think it’s possible or necessary to compare the two.

“I recommend having kids when it works for you based on your unique desires and circumstances, keeping in mind that it can’t always be planned perfectly,” she says. “The important thing is to be the best parent you can be, and that isn’t necessarily related to age or life experience.”

Even with her boys moved out, Patti makes sure the whole family gets together regularly. These experiences of her whole family together make her favorite memories and show how precious a family can be.

family with their newest addition taking a family photo on the beach
Courtesy of Patti Schmidt
mom hugging her miracle daughter at an older age
Courtesy of Patti Schmidt

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