Dear Mom, The ‘Baby Blues’ Won’t Last Forever (I Promise)

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“This is the baby blues.⁣

It’s crying in front of the mirror in your mesh underwear, breasts filled with milk, leaking everywhere, not recognizing the person with stretch marks, acne, and tears in her eyes looking back at you.⁣

This is the baby blues.⁣

It’s recovering from a C-section or vaginal birth and slowly moving around the house in pain, picking up after your older children with a newborn in your arms.⁣

This is the baby blues.⁣

It’s waiting for your milk to come in and getting down on yourself when it takes time, or your baby won’t latch.

It’s checking if your newborn is breathing every 40 seconds when sleeping because you’re convinced your baby’s not okay.⁣

This is the baby blues.⁣

It’s being stuck in the feels: anxiety, sadness, joy, excitement, and swapping one mood for another minute by minute.⁣

This is the baby blues.⁣

It’s feeling like you’re stuck in a fog of body aches, eyes rolling from lack of sleep, chaos, and thinking life will always be like this⁣ AND taking care of a newborn on top of that.⁣

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel in baby giggles, cuddles, sniffing in your baby’s head, and smiles from both you and your baby.

And you’re not alone.⁣

80% of moms are with you.⁣

And this ‘bluesy’ phase won’t last forever.⁣

Note: If symptoms are severe or last for more than two weeks a new mom should be concerned about postpartum mood disorders, such as postpartum depression, and check-in with her doctor.”

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