My Mother Clips Me Coupons — She’s Always Thinking Of How To Care For Me

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“My mother clips me coupons.

I’m not talking about everything in the store coupon clipping.

I’m talking about coupons I can actually use.

Since I’ve been married and in my own home, she will randomly hand me coupons for fast food places my boys like to go. There will also be coupons for coffee and medicine she knows we buy.

You may be thinking, ‘Okay, what’s the big deal about coupons?’ It’s not about coupons. It’s about my mother, after 37 years, still caring for me.

She is still mothering me even though I have my own children.

She still knows what I like and what I need. She remembers the details not everyone even realizes.

She knows what foods I like and dislike.

She knows her voice alone can help me feel 1,000 times better when I’m having a hard day.

She knows I rarely do things for myself, so she’ll offer to send me to the nail salon for a pedicure and manicure.

She knows I will spend my money on my boys for whatever they need and want, instead of myself. So, she’ll make sure to give me something that is just for me.

My mom is the definition of a Mother. She is caring, loving, and always there for me whenever I need her.

My mother clips me coupons. Because she’s always thinking of how to care for me, even at 37 years old.”

pile of coupons that a mother clips and gives to her daughter
Courtesy of Holly Dignen

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