I Hope You Remember The Good Times, Not The Mom Who Wasn’t Feeling Up To Getting Dressed

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“I hope you remember the soft breeze and warm sunshine of the days spent outside.

Not the days mommy wasn’t feeling up to getting dressed because she had so much else on her mind.

I hope you remember the tight hugs and sweet kisses that woke you up most mornings and put you to bed most nights.

Not the stressed out mom who woke up late or didn’t get enough sleep, which unfortunately showed throughout the day.

I hope you remember the coloring, the board games, and silly songs we sang so many times we didn’t even know we were singing them because they had become commonplace.

Not the mom who just ‘needed a minute’ to get herself back on track because she couldn’t hear the word ‘Mom’ one more time.

I hope you remember the laughter and lessons you learned over the years as we made silly faces and talked through our problems to find solutions.

Not the mom who occasionally lost her patience and yelled with anger instead of responding with empathy.

I hope one day when I’m no longer here and you tell your own children about your childhood, that you felt immensely heard, that your dreams weren’t shot down but encouraged, and that you felt unconditionally loved.

Because my sweet children, you are my legacy. I hope you remember everything I did was to be the best mom I could for you. There were no sacrifices, only choices to be the best mom I could be for YOU.

I hope you remember the good times, but also understand your mom was never meant to be perfect. She was just meant to be yours.

I love you forever, my darlings.

I hope you remember that most of all.”

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