‘We may not parade physical scars upon our skin, but we burn mental anguish into our brains.’: Mom champions mothers’ fighting spirit, ‘We are warriors’

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“These past few years of motherhood have felt like I’m wearing a constant suit of armor preparing for unknown battles, all while wearing a smile for my children.

Between the battles going on throughout the world and the battles going on throughout my mind, I’m beginning to feel the weight of the burdens we bear as protectors.

This world isn’t the same world that existed 3 years ago.

It’s a revolving station of separation and isolation.

It’s a revolving station of uncertainty.

We may not parade physical scars upon our skin, but we burn mental anguish into our brains.

Mothers shield and fight battles that only other mothers can know.

We pretend,

we fake,

we comfort,

we console,

we fight,

we adapt.

They say our children are resilient and they aren’t actually being affected by our current events.

But, we know different.

I know different.

Our children are strong, but they aren’t meant to fight these battles.

They do not have the armor that we have.


Our armor is tough.

It’s laced with bravery, persistence, and unconditional love.

We are warriors.

We fight battles every day that others aren’t aware of.

We do not fight them alone.

We fight them together.

We fight them as MOTHERS.

I’ll wear my suit of armor with pride as long as my children get to be children.”

A mom frowning wearing a blue shirt
Courtesy of Holly Dignen

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