How Could We Have Possibly Created Something So Beautiful? — The Marvel Of Motherhood

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“Motherhood means staring, intently and in awe, at every tiny feature on your child’s face.⁣

The tiny v of a Cupid’s bow,⁣
thick, lush eyelashes,⁣
peach fuzz baby hairs,⁣
and delicate angel wings that arch above full eyebrows.⁣

Time ceases to exist, and every single worry, all the bad in this world, blurs into the background like an unfocused photograph.⁣

We just stare. ⁣
For what seems like hours. ⁣
We stare and we wonder how we could have possibly created something so beautiful.⁣
We stare and we desperately try to memorize every line, every curve and every trace of innocence as if it will be the last time we see them. ⁣

As the years pass, those features will change.⁣
They will mature. ⁣
They will weather heartache, pain, and failure.⁣
They will bring forth joy, laughter, and love.⁣
They will age as our children grow older, and yet traces of those early days will forever be found within every smile, every crinkle of a nose, and every furrow of a brow.⁣

And no matter how much time passes,⁣
as our babies turn into kids, and then teens, and eventually adults,⁣
we will continue to stare.⁣

We will continue to marvel in wonder, intently and in awe, because we created something so beautiful. ⁣

Motherhood means staring at, and memorizing, every tiny feature on your child’s face, knowing that no matter what triumphs or tragedies life may send your way, all you have to do is close your eyes,⁣ and they will always be right there.⁣”

close up side profile of a mother's daughter that shows off the features of her face
Courtesy of Mari Ebert

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