Dear Last Born, I’m Sorry My Phone Is Always In Your Face—This Is My Final Chance

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“Dear last baby, ⁣

I’m sorry my phone is always in your face. I just can’t stop taking pictures of you. ⁣

You’re doing nothing, but somehow it’s still adorable. To me, every moment with you is photo-worthy. Even when you’re sleeping, it demands capturing. ⁣

I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot. It’s just that I’m so desperate to remember every minute of your babyhood.

Watching you grow and change has been bittersweet. Actually, mostly bitter. ⁣

You’re the last baby I don’t have to ask permission to hold. Or to cuddle. To kiss those sweet cheeks. ⁣

The last baby I’ll ever be Mommy to. ⁣

As your sister grew, I packed her things away, saving them for you. But now those things are being given away. There won’t be a baby brother or sister who can use your swaddles in a few years.

The reality of it stings a bit. ⁣

There is a time for everything. This season has felt endless, yet simultaneously far too fast. And part of me wishes you could stay this small forever. ⁣

But I know you can’t. And as you grow, little baby, I hope you never doubt how much I loved each minute with you.⁣

How I cherished you.⁣

Obsessed over you. ⁣

And did the very best I could for you, each and every day.⁣

For you, ⁣

My last little baby. ⁣

But if you ever do, just take a look at a few of your 5,000 baby pictures. That ought to be enough to remind you. ⁣

Love always, ⁣


baby staring at the camera in a yellow onsie on mom's lap
Courtesy of Katy Dodds

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