‘Shh, sit really still. They’re all over you. The grouchies!’ She realized I was being silly and started laughing, forgetting why she was upset.’: Mom shares shifting mood with play and connection

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“My 5-year-old was having a moment, so I took my hand, and started plucking the air around her.

Of course, she stopped to ask what I was doing.

‘Shh, sit really still… They’re all over you,’ I said, staying focused.

‘What’s all over me?’ She asked, almost forgetting why she was upset.

‘The grouchies!’ I continued, ‘We’ve got to get them off you!’

At this point, she realized I was being silly and she started laughing.

‘No, those aren’t grouchies. They’re HAPPIES!’ she said.

‘Oh good!’ I said, putting one back and plucking other spots.

‘No, that’s not a grouchy either!’

‘Are they all gone?!’ I asked.

‘Yes!’ She said laughing.

‘I want a hug.’ She said.

Sometimes we can shift the tone of the moment through play and connection. Not always, and I promise I know it’s not easy, especially when you’re tired and frustrated… but, it’s worth it when it works.

You become a soft spot to land after the big emotions pass.

So next time your little one starts spiraling, try plucking those grouchies away.”

mom plucking away grouchies
Courtesy of Mom Seeking Coffee

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