‘She melted into me and really let it all out. ‘IT’S NOT FAIRRR,’ she cried hard. At that moment, she was all of us.’: Mom comforts daughter through big feelings, ‘Life as she knew it was taken away’

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“My 3-year-old was all of us when she dropped her Jell-O today.

It was full. It was brand new. It was the only one.

She dropped it and suddenly it was dirty, seemingly ruined. She had been looking forward to this Jell-O. She had really, really wanted it. In a split second, everything changed.

Most of it was gone now, and the little bit of it that was left behind just wasn’t quite the same as what she had gotten her hopes up for.

She melted into me and really let it all out.

‘IT’S NOT FAIRRR.’ She cried. And she cried hard. And told me over and over again how it wasn’t fair.

I stopped what I was doing and just held her and hugged her. I know she was upset about her Jell-O, but it really felt like the weight of everything we’re collectively experiencing was pouring out.

‘IT’S NOT FAIRRRR,’ I heard her saying over and over, and I felt that, hard.

We all started a brand-new year, full of hope, new beginnings, things we were looking forward to… and in what felt like a blink of an eye everything changed. So many things taken away. And for some, life as we know it was taken away. What a way to be catapulted into a new year.

So whether it was about Jell-O or this new normal we’re navigating, I held her and let her sink into me. Agreeing with her that it wasn’t fair, it was hard, that I knew she was sad, that I know she had been looking forward to this. Yes there was still some left, and maybe something was better than nothing, but that didn’t mean she didn’t feel real disappointment for what had been lost.

I validated all of those feelings and gave her the hug I’ve been needing myself.

At that moment, she was all of us.”

Courtesy of Mom Seeking Coffee

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