‘I’m not a good quarantine mom. There are no school charts, no stickers for rewards. No fancy math sheets printed off Pinterest.’: Mom says ‘give yourself grace, you are doing enough’

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“I’m not a good quarantine mom.

There are no school charts. No chore charts. No stickers for rewards. And no fancy math sheets printed from Pinterest.

There’s been more screen time than normal. (Ah, normal. Remember normal?) There’s been more movies, more television shows, and (way) more video games.

There’s been snacks. Oh, so many snacks, because breakfast will now forever be known as the ‘grab whatever you want’ meal. And some days? Well, some days lunch and dinner just melt together (melted like cheese in a bowl after getting nuked for twenty seconds. Don’t ask me how I know).

There’s been frustrations. There’s been anger. There’s been tears (both from the littles, and from the adults). There’s been the locking of bathroom doors just to catch a breath, and hiding away in the laundry room for even just twenty seconds feels like a day at the spa.

I’m not a good quarantine mom.

But I still am a mom.

A mom who loves her children more than anything in this whole entire crazy world. A mom who prays at the end of the day that her children fell asleep feeling safe, secure, and loved. A mom who wakes up every morning determined to do her best, while also giving herself the grace to remember that her ‘best’ today may look different than what it did yesterday.

So, while I may not be a good quarantine mom,

I am their mom.

…And somehow through it all, that feels like just enough.”

Courtesy of Heather Delaney

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