‘Tonight, I was so tired I didn’t want to even carry my own purse. So, he did. He carried it, just like he carries so many burdens.’: 911 dispatcher says ‘sometimes, all you need is someone who will carry your purse’

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“It’s late. Like so many of you, I’m tired.

Tired of the virus. Tired of the fear. Tired of the media. Tired of everything not being ‘normal.’ You know, just tired of it all.

I am an ‘essential worker.’ A 9-1-1 emergency dispatcher to be exact. We’re feeling the change at work, just like all the other front-line people. The doctors. The nurses. The cops, the firefighters, the medics, the retailer workers, the laborers, restaurant people, delivery drivers and everybody else who is providing a service to their communities.

And we’re all tired.

So many changes. Suddenly, your kids are home all the time. There’s no more school to break it up, or gymnastics or dance or sports or academic and service clubs. No more playdates. No more interaction. No more runs to the park.

No more nothing.

So, we’re left only relying on the people closest to us to fill those gaps and give us much needed breaks. A quick shower. A meal.


And tonight, I was so tired I didn’t want to even carry my own purse.

So, he did.

He carried my purse just like he carries so many burdens when I can’t do one-more-thing.

I know how lucky I am. I know how fortunate I am. It is not lost on me what I have here, even if I’m frustrated or irritated or emotional.

Even when I’m tired.

I hope you have somebody like this in your life. Whether it’s a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, friend or even your kid. I hope you have somebody who will pick up the slack when you need it, and I hope you recognize how lucky that makes you, too.

I wish for you good things, peaceful minds, restful sleep, plenty of TP, and an absence of fear.

But above all, I wish for you somebody who will carry your purse. Because sometimes, that’s all you really need.”

Courtesy of Diana Register

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Diana Register of Meridian, Idaho. Her books “Grief Life” and “Grief & Glitter” are available in print and on kindle. You can find more of her books here, and her podcast here. Connect with Diana on her author Facebook page, and Instagram.

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