‘I’m so sorry for every time I’ve muttered, ‘I’m not worried. It only affects the elderly and immunocompromised.’: Woman pens public apology in the midst of coronavirus panic

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“Dear Humankind,

I have to apologize.

I am so sorry, Humankind, for every time I’ve muttered, ‘I’m not worried. It only affects the elderly, little littles, or those who are immunocompromised’ over these last few weeks.

I’m so, so sorry, Humankind.

You see, we should worry.

About the elderly.

About the little littles.

About those who are immunocompromised.

About you.

Will I panic? No, I will not.

For you want to know what happens when I panic, Humankind?

I become a frazzled, unfocused, zero sleep kinda human.

One who will buy too much toilet paper. One who will not focus on eating good food. One who will not concentrate on keeping her immune system up, nor the systems of those she loves.

So, while I will not panic – I will worry.

For every soul out there who is worried for themselves, their littles, their favorite elderly people, and for those whose systems are not able to fight.

…And worrying is not the only thing I’ll do.

I’ll also wash my hands.

I’ll also limit my running around town.

I’ll also leave you some toilet tissue on the shelf.

So, here’s to worrying. And praying.

And never, ever implying again that this is not a big deal because I’m not the ‘target population.’

If it affects you, Humankind, it affects me.

I’m sorry for making myself bigger than you.”

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