‘I don’t like crafts. I don’t like coming up with ideas or gathering supplies. Yet, I’ve spent the better part of a decade crafting.’: Mom reflects on the sacrificial love of motherhood

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“Can I tell you something? I don’t like crafts. I don’t like coming up with ideas or gathering supplies or guiding the process. It’s not my thing.

And yet, I’ve spent the better part of a decade crafting. The colored paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks…you name it, I’ve bought it in bulk. Why?

Because my kids have expressed a desire to cut and glue all of the things. They want the topically and seasonally themed creations to hang up and point to with pride.

So, Isaiah asked me a few days ago if we could make a snowman craft. Had I planned for such a thing? Absolutely not. Did I run out at the first chance to buy cotton balls? Absolutely yes.

Through the simple act of laying out some pieces and guiding his hands, he felt heard. Through some words of encouragement and praise, he felt seen. When we hung it up for all to admire and I asked him what he wanted to make next, he felt known.

It can be easy to turn our children’s education (or childhood in general) into a reflection of our own identity. We can build an entire curriculum around an aesthetic instead of honing in on how our children actually learn.

We can push them to pursue the extracurriculars that shaped our youth; inspired more by a desire to live vicariously than an honest view of their unique abilities.

We can swear we don’t have the patience or the skills to teach them…when the reality is no parent has superhuman patience and plenty wouldn’t know the first thing about calculus or woven handicrafts.

The truth is, what your kids need may look different than what you want or like or feel prepared for…but what is on the other side of that is the glow in their eyes.

And yeah, you might have to step out of your own comfort zone. You might have to hang up your hat that says ‘not a Pinterest mom.’ You might have to get the garishly colored store bought materials and say goodbye to the dream of morning basket tea time.

It may not always be your vision. But it is their childhood and how you nurture it could light up their world.”

Mom takes a photo of her child doing a DIY snowman craft in honor of the holiday season
Courtesy of Emmy Goulet

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