‘Being a mother fills your cup to the brink then dumps it all over the floor.’: Single mom reminds us of the beautiful contradiction of motherhood

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“Things we don’t talk about.

Being a mother is blood, sweat, and milk-stained shirts.

It’s not having your own thoughts.

Being a single mother is making choices.

Choosing between days or nights.

Choosing which battles.

Choosing to have cake for breakfast.

Choosing to put your children first.

It’s middle of the night bloody noses.

Crying alone so they don’t see your struggle.

Crying together so they know life is real.

It’s morning snuggles and laughter.

Being a mother is carrying all their hopes and dreams and worries.

Being a vessel of safety, even when you feel afraid.

It’s quiet moments, stolen away.

It’s choosing happiness even when it feels overwhelming.

It’s laundry.
More laundry.

It’s lonely.

It’s never having a moment to think.

It’s dishes.

It’s fevers.

It’s late nights.
Earlier mornings.

Being a mother is everything.

It holds your heart and soul, but at the same time leaves you depleted.

Fills your cup to the brink and then dumps it all over the floor.

But we don’t cry over spilled milk.

So, we clean it up and move forward.
We get up off the floor.

No one is coming to save us.
No one will do this for us.

It’s glitter covered kids.

It’s flour in every crevasse.

Dance parties.

It’s choosing the adventure.

Popcorn and movie nights.

It’s staying up too late to have just 10 more minutes to think.

It’s late night calls with your bestie.

It’s f–king glorious.

It’s joyous.

It crushes you with love and challenges.

Being a mother is messy.

Then they grow and the challenges and joys grow, too.
Being a mother is grit.

It’s tantrums and the biggest love.

It’s losing yourself to find who you have been all along.”

Single mom cuddles her two children while wearing a shirt that says "Tired as a mother"

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous. Read more stories like this here:

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