‘Some days I do morning yoga. Other days I get out of bed, lie straight on the couch, and eat my weight in cheese.’: Mom urges ‘your inconsistencies are a superpower’

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“I got up and ran this morning.

But some days I don’t.

Some mornings I lie in bed.

Other days I get out of bed and go straight to lie on the couch.

Some days I do yoga.

Other mornings I just sit with my thoughts and coffee as I wait for the pleasant silence to switch to full-on noise when my lovely children awake.

Some nights I drink wine.

Last night I had a glass.

But sometimes I don’t.

Some nights I have sleepy time tea.

Other nights I eat my weight in cheese.

Some nights the weight of being a good mom, a good wife, and an overall good person gives me a nervous tummy ache, and I don’t feel like eating much at all.

I got up this morning feeling good about myself, all that I’ve done, all that I’m doing, and what good the day will bring.

Other mornings I wake up feeling insecure, unsure of what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, and fearful that this is my one shot to be my best me, and I’m shooting an air ball and missing it.

As a mama, wife, female, and human who wants to contribute to her family and this world, I often get caught (and am unable to break loose) from the trap that is thinking my authentic contradictions and inconsistencies make me suck.

But they don’t.

They are, in fact, a superpower.

Mamas: to adapt our beings, minds, and messy selves to meet each day’s new challenges and needs is impressive as hell, and we should remember to tell ourselves that as often as we need.”

Mom takes a selfie after a run, embracing her natural and authentic self
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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