‘Invite them in. Show them the real you. Cry, laugh, spill your insecurities. Take a chance and find your people.’: Woman thankful for true friends she can ‘do real life’ with

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“Take a chance and find your people.

It’s scary right? Letting someone in so close they might see the real you? Wouldn’t it be easier to keep everyone at arm’s length, close enough that your lives touch, but never weave together? Wouldn’t it be easier to convince everyone you are already the person you want to be if you never let them get close to see the truth?

When you honestly embrace another’s life with your own, you’re taking a chance. When you invite people into your home, when you leave the door cracked and know they might come on in, you’re taking a chance.

You’re taking a chance that they may see you are not yet fully what you someday hope to be.

You’re taking a chance that they’ll laugh with you and not at you.

You’re taking a chance that they won’t judge you for the many mistakes you continue to make and the questions you still have.

You’re taking a chance that your loud kid, your funny husband, and your big mouth won’t be too much for them to handle.

You’re taking a chance that if there’s a sudden mystery odor in your home, they’ll believe you when you say it didn’t smell like that an hour ago. (Seriously, what is that smell and where is it coming from?)

You’re taking a chance that if you accidentally spill every insecurity you’ve ever had, they’ll see it as an opportunity to love you more.

You’re taking a chance that when you are the first one to cry, it won’t be perceived as weakness.

You’re taking a chance that who you are today is already enough for a genuine friendship with other people.

When you invite people into your home, your life, your inner circle, you’re taking a chance that they’ll see the real you and know that they can be themselves, too.

Sometimes you find out who your people are not, but every now and then you forge a lifelong friendship. You find that a mismatched crew can be bound by doing real life together. That, my friends, is a gift. It is not common, it is never to be taken for granted, and it absolutely requires taking a chance, but when it happens, really happens, you’ll know that you’ve found your people.

Courtesy of Mandy H.

May you have that one friend.

That one friend who you can spend all day with and not get tired of. Truly.

That one friend who shows up at your house uninvited and knows she’s as welcome as if you’d had it planned for weeks.

​That one friend who loves & disciplines your child as her own.

​ That one friend who sings your praises, cheers your victories, and calls out your bullshit.

​That one friend who asks how you are and actually listens to the answer.

​That one friend who brings you a donut for no good reason. (She knows that donuts are their own good reason.)

​That one friend who is so different from you that it doesn’t make sense for you to be friends, but somehow it totally works.

​​That one friend who loves you in your pool hair & wet swimsuit as much as she does in your full makeup & prettiest dress.

​That one friend who you can ask to pray for you… and you know she actually does it. And vice versa.

​That one friend who sends you screenshots of funny memes that neither of you would dare repost online.

​That one friend who knows that a vent session will not be held against her.

That one friend who agrees that Taco Tuesdays should not be confined to only Tuesdays.

​That one friend who you can adventure with.

That one friend who you can lay on the couch with and watch hours of cooking shows full of recipes that you know neither of you will EVER make.

​That one friend who knows the reason you turned down a night out is because you have strict plans to wear sweat pants and do nothing at home by yourself. And she loves you anyway.

​That one friend who has got your back. For real.

​That one friend who qualifies as a sister.

​May you have that one friend.”

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Courtesy of Mandy H.

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