‘I’d already checked out when I saw someone carrying a box of ornaments. I couldn’t imagine staring at them for 6 weeks, but I knew my daughter would love them.’: Mom reflects on the sacrifices of motherhood

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“I don’t like pink.

I don’t think I’ve worn it since I was six, the same age my oldest daughter is now. She loves pink, an affair with no end in sight.

And I know she wishes I were a little more like the princesses she sees on TV. She’s always digging in the back of my closet, begging me to swap my black sweatpants for a 15-year-old dress from Express. Still black, but an improvement to her.

I had already checked out when I saw someone carrying a big box of rose-colored ornaments to the counter at TJ Maxx.

I had two thoughts: 1 – I can’t imagine staring at those for six weeks, and 2 – my daughter would love them.

So I ran to the back of the store, hopeful to find an item I didn’t really like.

I grabbed the last set and stood in line with my reluctant prize.

Motherhood will have you make all kinds of sacrifices, big and small.

You’ll pivot and shift for them in ways you didn’t expect.

And you’ll be happy to stare at pink ornaments for six weeks.”

Mom snaps a photo of her Christmas tree covered in pink ornaments for her daughter who loves pink everything
Courtesy of Scarlett Longstreet

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