‘I never knew why opposites attract, until I met you. All the things that drive me crazy about you make us work.’: Woman pens sweet letter to polar ‘opposite’ husband

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“I know why opposites attract.

It’s so I don’t spend our entire budget on kid’s clothes and coffee runs.

I’d stay up all night, you tell me to get some sleep.

I’m a feeler, you’re a thinker.

I put up pictures, you’d rather decorate your mind with the memories.

Courtesy of Scarlett Longstreet

You’d still be wearing clothes from college, never realizing trends change.

That brick of a flip phone you carry keeps me grounded.

I’d go way left, passionate and shouting. You’d saunter right, calm and reasonable.

We pull each other back to center.

You see the good in situations even when I swear it’s not there.

When revenge is tempting, you wrap me in a white flag.

You’d never know Miley and Liam broke up, or even who they are.

I keep you up to speed, and you slow me down.

You’d work till retirement, I lobby for a vacation.

While I make sure we enjoy the present, you plan for our future.

I swear we’re messing the kids up, you insist we’re doing a good job.

All the things about you that drive me crazy, make us work.

I never knew why opposites would attract, until I met you.”

Courtesy of Scarlett Longstreet

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Scarlett Longstreet of Detroit, Michigan. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories.

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