Bride And Father Pull Stepdad Out Of His Chair So They Can Both Walk Daughter Down Aisle

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Weddings are for celebrating the union of two loved ones with friends and family, no matter how new or old.

On Kelsey Griffith’s big day, she planned on having her dad walk her down the aisle. Or at least that’s what she and her dad told everyone. But once they were making their way toward Kelsey’s groom, they revealed a special surprise for her stepdad who was sitting nearby.

As they passed him, Kelsey’s dad approached him. He gently grabbed her stepdad’s arm, leading him over to where they were standing. Together, both dads linked arms with the bride and finished walking her down the aisle. Kelsey’s stepdad had absolutely no idea that he’d be asked to join them, but he couldn’t have been happier!

Watch their heartwarming surprise in the video below.

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