After Grandpa Suffers Stroke, Bride Travels 800 Miles To Bring Wedding Dance To Him

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Gathering your loved ones together is one of the best things about holding a wedding ceremony.

Natalie Browning, a 24-year-old from Virginia, was excited to wed the love of her life, Cooper Browning, in June 2021. The only damper on the big day was when Natalie learned that her grandpa wouldn’t be able to attend.


Her grandpa, Nelson May, is 94 and lives in Florida. Just two weeks before Natalie’s wedding, he suffered a stroke that left him unable to travel.

“My sweet grandpa was so excited to dance with me at my wedding and was heartbroken when he found out two weeks prior that medical issues prevented him from coming,” Natalie wrote on Facebook.

That’s when she decided to bring the wedding to him!


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A month after her official wedding, Natalie packed her wedding dress into a pink garment bag and purchased a plane ticket from Virginia to Florida. She documented her 800-mile journey in a video, which she later shared online. In the clip, we see her transforming into bride mode on the plane, even doing her makeup at the airport!

All of her efforts paid off when Natalie met up with her grandfather and enjoyed a “first dance” right there in his living room.

“For months he’d been so excited to dance with me on my wedding night and I’m just so happy that I was able to give him that experience,” Natalie said. “I don’t get to see him very often so it truly was a special day.”

The trip meant a lot to both of them, and Natalie would do it all again in a heartbeat just to make him feel valued.


What a beautiful way to show her grandfather how much he means to her. Congratulations, Natalie and Cooper! Watch the unforgettable surprise in the video below.

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