Parenting PSA

‘We live in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, but we’re leaving women behind in mass.’: Working mom advocates for paid maternity leave

“Because of paid leave, I didn’t have to make the hard choices thousands of parents have to make in this country. The choice between caring for myself and my child physically, or caring for us both financially. The choice between halting my career and having a child. The choice between staying or going while I looked a new little human in the eyes.”

‘Feed organic, limit screen time, support local, attend the seminars, limit sugar, potty train early.’: Woman reminds us ‘in a society that sets us up for failure, we don’t stand a chance’

“So much pressure from a world that wants you to succeed, but sets you up for failure. So much pressure from a society that is always demanding more time, more effort, more of everything you’re already doing, but less of your struggles, less of your complaining, less of your inability.”

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