‘No matter what new weight I hit, it wouldn’t stop until I was dead.’: Eating disorder survivor shares road to recovery

“I’d go days without eating, then spend a few days eating and purging everything in sight. Any unplanned food or meals resulted in needing to do an extra workout, self harming, purging, or intentionally making myself sick. It was like someone else was living in my mind dictating my every move and, though I hated following along, I ultimately had no control.”

‘My mom said, ‘You can’t return to work. You need to get better.’: Woman shares journey to OCD diagnosis, managing symptoms

“I was experiencing multiple panic attacks a day and major sensory overload. I’d walk away mid-conversation from a customer because I couldn’t take any more information in and needed to shut my eyes as they were so sensitive to light. I had absolutely no awareness or concern about whether this came across as rude. To me, I was in survival mode.”

‘The neurologist said, ‘All girls your age have seizures. You’re fine, go live your life.’: EDS, epilepsy warrior shares struggles of navigating chronic illness as a black woman

“When the doctor came in, he spoke to me as if he didn’t believe I could possibly have my conditions. I told him my bones, particularly my patellas, needed support and I’d prefer if we didn’t check those, but he insisted. He pushed my kneecaps to the side and then said ‘oops’ as he easily dislocated one.”

‘I’ve always felt like everyone else was given an instruction manual to life, but not me.’: Autistic student shares diagnosis, unmasking journey

“‘Why don’t you do something normal for once?’ They would pretend to be interested in what I was doing but then talk to me like a baby and leave to go laugh with their friends. All of this was really confusing at the time, and I’m only just starting to realize how awful some of these people actually were.”

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