‘The neurologist said, ‘All girls your age have seizures. You’re fine, go live your life.’: EDS, epilepsy warrior shares struggles of navigating chronic illness as a black woman

“When the doctor came in, he spoke to me as if he didn’t believe I could possibly have my conditions. I told him my bones, particularly my patellas, needed support and I’d prefer if we didn’t check those, but he insisted. He pushed my kneecaps to the side and then said ‘oops’ as he easily dislocated one.”

‘I’ve always felt like everyone else was given an instruction manual to life, but not me.’: Autistic student shares diagnosis, unmasking journey

“‘Why don’t you do something normal for once?’ They would pretend to be interested in what I was doing but then talk to me like a baby and leave to go laugh with their friends. All of this was really confusing at the time, and I’m only just starting to realize how awful some of these people actually were.”

‘Mommy, will the new baby be autistic?’ asked my 7-year-old. ‘We’re so lucky to have Koimburi!’: Special needs mom moved to tears after daughter’s sweet moment of inclusivity

“I’d racked my brain for all the reasons she was asking. Was she hoping for a different kind of connection than with her autistic brother? A different kind of play experience with her new sibling? Tears welled in my eyes, moved by her matter-of-fact, whole-hearted acceptance.”

‘I was 33 when I learned there were others like me.’: Woman shares journey with undiagnosed OCD in catholic household

“I worried I might purposely light a match and burn the house to the ground with my family inside. I worried I might purposely push my best friend into traffic. The thoughts began to get so frightening I’d wake up every morning and try to create a version of white noise inside my own head to block out any thoughts for as long as I could.”

‘I spent my whole life trying to find my place in society. Turns out, I wasn’t meant to fit in.’: Woman shares journey to autism diagnosis at age 25 

“I’d spend my mornings crying, screaming, begging to stay home. My mental health was declining, my anxiety rising, my depression and self-loathing looming like a black cloud. I was terrified to go to school. The people were mean, the teachers didn’t understand me, and the work was too hard. I was falling behind, and at that point, I didn’t care anymore. I was the odd one out, with no support.”

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