‘His daughter exclaimed, ‘Please, keep me safe!’ My heart melted, and I thought, ‘Yes, baby girl, I will always keep you safe.’: Woman shares journey to being a step-mom, ‘I cherish their trust’

“Kids see EVERYTHING, and they take note of how adults treat each other. Whenever Tim and I kiss, Bowen says, ‘I saw that!’ with a smile on his face, and Brooklyn now exclaims, ‘Kissing!’ with a shriek and giggle. It brings them joy to see their Dada happy.”

‘Stop begging God to take this away from you. He gave it to you for a purpose.’: LGBT woman pens powerful letter to past self after coming out of closet

“Right now, I know it seems like there’s no escape. That no matter how hard you try, how fast you run, how fiercely you try to claw your way to freedom from yourself, you sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand of shame and self-resentment. Dear Kahrin, you don’t believe this now, but you will be loved.”

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