Mom Famously Gave Up Rare Triplets With 2 Conjoined At Pelvis. 17 Years Later, They’re Thriving

In December 2002, triplets Mackenzie, Macey and Madeline were born. They each weighed just over two pounds. But there was something about the triplets that resulted in one of the rarest and most dangerous types of pregnancies.

Two of the babies, Macey and Mackenzie, were conjoined at the pelvis and shared a third leg. And since their intestines were entwined, separation surgery would be incredibly risky.

Sadly, the girls’ birth parents had never seen a doctor for prenatal check-ups during the pregnancy. They battled with drug addiction and could not provide the love and care the triplets needed. So, their biological mother quickly decided to place them for adoption.

Darla and Jeff Garrison, a married couple from Iowa, had fostered several neglected and/or special needs children, but they always dreamt of giving their three healthy sons the sisters they always wanted.

Darla and Jeff felt a calling to bring the triplets into their family, and make their house their forever home.

In 2003, doctors performed separation surgery on Macey and Mackenzie. Everyone involved knew that anything could go wrong at any moment… but they took the chance.

Today, the girls are 17 years old. Just wait until you see how they’ve grown up and what life is like for them today.

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