Dear Postpartum Body—Despite Everything, I Still Love You

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“Dear Postpartum Body,

I’m sorry I tuck you into high-waisted leggings so no one sees the excess skin that held my beautiful babies.

I’m sorry I feel like you’re not good enough to be looked at, let alone touched, by your husband.

I’m sorry I take for granted the things you do for me, the way you carry me, the way you carried my babies and the food you supplied for both of them.

I’m sorry for hating the way my hips grew in order to bring two children into this world.

I’m sorry for not speaking kinder to you and getting frustrated when I think you let me down.

Mom looks down at her postpartum body while wearing black undergarments
Courtesy of Kelsey Willey

Postpartum body, I’m sorry for a lot of things.

But, despite everything, I still love you.

I love that you carried two healthy babies.

I love that you pushed me through labor and delivery.

I love that you provide comfort for cuddles.

I love that you pick me up on days I have no energy.

I love that no matter what gets thrown your way, you keep going.

Postpartum body, I love you.

Every piece of loose skin, cellulite, stretch mark and fat.

Because you, you gave them life and you gave me them.”

Mom smiles while embracing her natural body in black undergarments
Courtesy of Kelsey Willey

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