‘The way you look at me, with those big blue eyes, I just know we already have a bond that will never be broken.’: Mom pens touching open letter to newborn daughter

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“To my daughter:

I hope you know I’ll always be here for you.

Through every breakup.

Every tear.

Every fight with your friends.

Every hard test.

Every flaw you think you see in the mirror.

Every rumor.

Through every hurdle you might face, I will always be here.

We will probably fight and butt heads one too many times.

You’ll probably go through periods of hating me and thinking I just don’t get it.

And you’ll probably storm off many times, mumbling, ‘Whatever, mom,’ under your breath.

But I will still always be here.

Because while I am your mother, I hope you know I am your friend, too.

One you can turn to when you’re sad, open up to when you’re hurt, and lean on when the world feels too heavy to bear.

One you can count on to ALWAYS be here.

You might be too small to understand any of this now, but the way you look at me, with those big blue eyes, I just know.

I know we already have a bond that will never be broken.

And I hope you know—even now as you wrap your tiny little hand around my finger, need comfort from me to sleep and look up at me and smile—I will always be here.

Now and every single day to come.


your mom,

forever and always.”

Mom holding newborn daughter in her arms while staring at her
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