‘Dear daughter, you’re about to become a big sister. This will be new for both of us. We will figure it out together.’: Mom pens touching letter to firstborn daughter, ‘You could never be replaced’

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“Dear Nora,

You’re about to become a big sister. I love you so much and am so proud of you. I know this will be hard as you adjust to the changes, but you are so brave, kind, caring and strong.

You are my special girl and I cherish and treasure all the moments where it’s been just you and me.

Now we get more to love and you will brave your way into your big sister role. I’m nervous about it too and we’ll all be adjusting. I also know having a sibling is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give you.

You’re going to do amazing.

I see your kindness and care. How you wrap your stuffies or Bear up in blankets, get him water and sing ‘Go to sleep’ or ‘I love you’ and give him a kiss on the head. You are amazing and you’re ready.

You are fierce, sassy and wild – and funny to boot. You have been my greatest joy. It’s hard to believe this joy will be multiplied exponentially when your sister arrives.

Pregnant mom and first daughter take silly photos in the mirror
Courtesy of Dez Barkman

This will be new for both of us. We will figure it out together, like we always have.

Know that you will never be replaced and we will never love you less.

I will remember all our snuggles and sitting at the island eating cereal, just you and me as we look at the boxes and make funny faces at each other. Or when you press your face to mine to give a nose rub and we both erupt into laughter with such full hearts.

You ask how I’m feeling and say you love baby sister when you hug my belly. You are actually the sweetest and you melt my heart.

I’ll always remember how we read stories at bedtime and how you whisper, ‘I love you too mommy’ when I tuck you in and then you reach your arms up and say, ‘Kiss and hug!’ so many times while I try to leave the room. And I keep lifting my pregnant belly over that crib railing, reaching down to you and getting SO MANY kisses and hugs. I will never, ever forget it.

Little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles while being gifted a book called "I Am a Big Sister!"
Courtesy of Dez Barkman

There is so much I want to say about the incredible little person you are and what a gift you have been. You made me a mommy. And I can’t believe God has entrusted me to be yours. I could go on forever, but some things in a mother’s heart just can’t be expressed with words.

You are my beautiful, brave, big girl. I love you darling.”

Pregnant mom squats down with her first daughter while on a walk in the woods
Courtesy of Dez Barkman

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