Dear Firstborn, You Will Always Be My Baby

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“Little one, 2 years old, almost 3,

Soon it will no longer be just you and me.

Our cuddles at night will gain one more.

Our little family of 3 will become 4.

At times I know you won’t want to share.

When I tend to baby’s cries, maybe you’ll think I no longer care,

that you’re no longer our baby.

But our baby, you’ll always be.

Mama and daddy will grow tired from the overnight cries

But we’ll make sure you’re snug and safe before we close our eyes.

You taught me what being a mama meant.

Who knew how much love could come out of so little time spent.

When baby seems to be taking up all of my days,

I promise I’ll make time for you and won’t push you away.

I’ll watch you do your tricks and play with your toys,

I’ll laugh at all your jokes and each funny noise.

When baby goes down, I’ll pick you up,

Remind you that you still have all of mama’s love.

You aren’t my only anymore but you were my first,

And I’ll always be there for you, for better or for worse.

There’s nothing that can replace the bond we have

Nothing that could replace the sweet sound of your laugh.

Nothing that could make me love you less,

No matter what anyone says.

You’re my baby forever and always,

And no matter who or what comes, that’s how it’ll stay.

I’m excited and can’t wait to meet the new baby to come,

But I’m soaking in these last days of it just being you and me one last time, my first  little one.”

son learning to brush his teeth and smiling
Courtesy of Rachel Shaikh

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