Today, My Husband Bought Me ‘I Love You Flowers’ For The Very First Time—Because Marriage Is A Work In Progress

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“The flowers I didn’t get this year.

See after years of getting flowers sent to me, delivered to me, and thrown at any problem that arose, I realized there are different types of flowers a woman can receive.

The flowers I never received this year are something I am so thankful for.

Seems odd to say, I am sure.

Most women love flowers.

And don’t get it twisted.

I love flowers.

But there was a list of flowers I didn’t get this year and it leaves my heart thankful.

Because for endless years, those were the only flowers I ever received.

I am thankful I didn’t receive the ‘sorry for your loss’ flowers.

I am grateful I didn’t gain the ‘I messed up again’ flowers.

I am counting my lucky stars that I didn’t get ‘I am sorry for what I said earlier’ flowers.

When sadness hit our family flowers would show up.

When my husband made questionable choices the biggest display of flowers showed up.

When something was said and left a scar on my heart the most beautiful flowers were delivered.

This past year, I have seen a shift in our life.

I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time.

I couldn’t place what was different in our home.

Until I caught myself memorized by the beauty sitting on my kitchen counter late last night.

I finally received the ‘I love you’ flowers.

The first time I have ever received flowers that were just that.

Flowers that were picked out and given with love to me.

From my husband.

No mistake was made.

No issue happened that needed to be smoothed over.

My husband thought of me and gave me ‘I love you flowers.’

The flowers I didn’t get this year, I am sure another woman gets all the time from their husband.

Just know this.

I spent years never receiving ‘I love you’ flowers and now I finally have some sitting on my kitchen counter.

Everyone’s love story doesn’t begin with ‘I love you’ flowers.

Some begin with the flowers our love story started with.”

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