This Valentine’s Day, I Don’t Want The Fancy Flowers, Assorted Chocolates & Giant Teddy Bear

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“Hey Babe, let’s not do Valentine’s Day this year.


Don’t let your buddies convince you I mean otherwise.

This is not a trap.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Let’s not do Valentine’s Day.

I don’t want a fancy floral arrangement delivered to me on February 14th.

But I do love grocery store flowers that you pick up on your way home from work when it’s really been a Monday.

I don’t want you to make reservations at a fancy restaurant where we will eat elbow to elbow with a hundred other couples celebrating the same thing.

But I do love it when you grill steaks, eat with me on the patio and help me do the dishes when we’re done.

I don’t want a box of assorted chocolates.

But I love nothing more than sharing the last piece of chocolate cake with you after our kiddo goes to bed.

I don’t want a giant teddy bear.

But I sure do love to snuggle up and watch home improvement shows with you on Saturday mornings.

I don’t want a $7.00 card with flowery words of love and affection.

But those texts you send in the middle of the day just to say you love me are pretty much my favorite.

I don’t want a February 14th fuss, but I really love being you and me.

So, let’s not make a thing of Valentine’s Day.

Let’s just keep loving each other every day of the year.”

husband and wife taking a selfie together
Courtesy of Mandy McCarty

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