Family’s AMAZING ‘Les Mis’ performance will leave you breathless

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“It began as a typical Sunday evening in the LeBaron home. They were all together for Easter Dinner when Dennise LeBaron, or D-ma as she’s known by the grandkids, suggested they all start singing. After they’d sung through a karaoke rendition of ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables, Dennise decided to make a recording to keep for herself. Jordon LeBaron, the eldest-living of the children, then decided to post the video on Facebook.

The remarkable homemade video features five of the LeBaron children and their spouses, along with Gerald LeBaron, Dennise’s husband, and a few cameos from the grandkids. One day while Gerald was playing the piano, they noticed that their two-year-old Holli sang unusually well for a small child and enjoyed performing. Soon, Holli and Jordon began performing at church and community events and meetings.

Not long after, Heidi and Jayson joined the group. The LeBaron Quartet continued the legacy of performing when Juston and Landon came along. Singing was almost a daily affair.

‘Our neighbors requested that we keep the windows open so they could hear,’ Gerald said. Then in 2002, tragedy struck as Holli suddenly passed away. Then in 2003, the youngest member, Landon, was diagnosed with autism. Through their challenges, the LeBaron family came together and grew stronger through their experiences.

‘Singing is the glue that has held our family together during the tough times,’ Dennise said.

As the group got older, they began performing in community and high school productions and many of them went on to study music and performance in college.

Marriage brought new voices to the group, but as children entered the scene, many of them put performing on hold. However, they still love to sing when they get together, most of the time with Gerald at the piano and Dennise with the grandkids.”

Large family who put on amazing Les Mis performance
The Lebaron Family

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