‘Goodnight Bubs, I love you.’ She signed ‘I love you’ and he signed it back for the first time.’: Mom shares touching moment between son with nonverbal autism and sibling

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“Remi: ‘Goodnight Bubs, I love you.’ *Signs I love you.*

Riggs: *Looks up at his sister and signs I love you back.*

And she cried. She sat on the end of the bed and cried.

Brother and sister smile for a photo together while out for lunch at a restaurant with their family
Courtesy of Haven Sholar

Because all of these moments we all pray so hard for–she prays for, too. And tonight, it happened for her. He told her he loved her. For the first time in his life. And God let me witness it.

Their bond is the most sacred thing in my life. If you’ve spent any time with the two of them together, you can’t help but witness the true beautiful of their relationship.

Big sister pushes her little brother with autism on a swing at the park
Courtesy of Haven Sholar

But this doesn’t mean it isn’t hard for her. And honestly, sometimes I forget she’s starting to see the differences, too. Her little brother is four years old and he should, by all definitions, be able to talk to her.

My house should be filled with a 4- and 5-year-old laughing and fighting and arguing and tattling on each other. But it’s different. And there was a time on this journey where I thought the silence would be deafening as she got older and began to see the reality of what we were actually dealing with.

Big sister and little brother both stare into the camera for a photo while playing on a playground together
Courtesy of Haven Sholar

But instead, together, they find a way to fill our house with all of the things I thought we would miss out on. And it’s with their own kind of laughter and mischief and noise. But it’s perfect and no less filled with all of the sounds of childhood. And for me, it’s more special because it’s a world they get to share that’s all their own.

And the true beauty in it all, is that by some undeserving miracle, God continues to give me a front row seat.”

Family of four take photos together in matching t-shirts to raise awareness about autism
Courtesy of Haven Sholar
Brother and sister smile for a photo while on a green swing together in their backyard
Courtesy of Haven Sholar

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