‘They will fight and argue, but they are forever protectors. Their specific hearts needed one another, and God knew it before I did.’: Mom cherishes sacred bond between siblings

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“Their hearts needed one another.

And God knew it before I did.

You see…I try to plan.

I planned the age separation between my two kids.

I imagined their genders.

I played out the scenarios.

And of course, in true God fashion, all of MY plans got tossed to the wayside for God’s sovereign plan.

And at the time it felt cruel.

Pregnancy didn’t happen when expected.

The planned c-section was tossed out the window.

The list could go on.

But God’s timing was, and is, perfect.

And their specific hearts needed one another.

And God knew it before I did.

I see them play together.

I watch them laugh together.

I observe their personalities mix with one another.

I see their hearts molding together.

Shaping who each one is and who each one will become.

I see how they comfort one another…how their hearts are already entangled together.

I see them dance, play, giggle, and love together.

I see my sweet little 3-year-old trying to teach my 11-month-old to walk and talk.

I see my 3-year-old run over to soothe my baby the second he starts to whine.

I see how my baby feels sad when the 3-year-old throws a tantrum.

I see.

I see how their hearts are forming together.

You see,

As much as my mama heart was created to be their mama…

Their hearts were also created for one another.

Their forever protectors.

Forever understanding one another.

Forever friends.

And I know they will fight.

And they will get jealous.

And argue.

And there will always be some sort of drama, I’m sure of it.

But God already created their hearts for one another.

And that is such a beautiful thing to just sit back and watch their love unfold for one another.

Because sibling’s hearts are designed for something I could have never strung together on my own.

A bigger purpose.

That I can’t even begin to understand.

And that is such an overwhelming and beautiful thing to sit back and have the opportunity to witness.

One of God’s designs right before my eyes.

Because their specific hearts were designed for one another.

And I’m so thankful that God knew it before I did.”

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