Sometimes, All A Mama Really Needs Is To Break

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“Sometimes, all a mama really needs ⁣

is to break.⁣

And sometimes, all she needs from you⁣

is to step back and let her shatter.⁣

Because a mama’s job is to keep it together.

Herself and everything else, all the time.

And almost all the time, she does.

She bends for everyone else, but she pulls herself up before she breaks.

She nurtures little people and takes care of all their needs.

She manages and juggles so many lives and schedules and details.

She balances the family, emotionally and mentally, and senses when the balance is off.⁣

These people are her reason.

She loves them more than anything – and she mostly loves her life.⁣

It’s just that it’s all so heavy,⁣

and her arms are getting tired.

So all she needs in a moment like this⁣

is to drop the things she carries.⁣

And then to fall apart herself. ⁣

Because if she gets to shatter?

It means she can finally let some of it out…

some of the things she’s kept inside.

She just needs grace and the space to process her mess.⁣

So let her break – without making assumptions.⁣

Let her fall apart – without asking if something is ‘wrong’ with her.⁣

Let her be overwhelmed – without giving advice.⁣

Let her cry (and cry some more) – without pitying her.⁣

Let her be not okay today – without worrying she’ll be not okay tomorrow.⁣

And listen…

If this mama really isn’t okay tomorrow, or the day after that, or the following week…

she needs someone to help her find the resources – without judgment.⁣

Because so many moms will go through something deep and dark and awful at one point or another.⁣

But most of the time, ⁣

all she really needs⁣

is a little chance to break.⁣”

Courtesy of Cassie Gottula Shaw

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Cassie Gottula Shaw. You can follow her journey on Facebook. Submit your own story here and be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories, and YouTube for our best videos.

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