‘He painted my nails the other day when I hurt my hand.’: Woman urges ‘this love is worth waiting for’

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“He painted my nails the other day when I hurt my hand.

Couple hug and take a selfie together while the woman is in the hospital
Courtesy of Bailey Anne Vincent

He brings me food every few days, always unprompted. That’s my love language. A coffee at dance. A salty Milky Way when he rolls in late. Anything that reminds me of my Boca upbringing (capers, bagels, schmear).

He asks about my dreams more than I’d like him to. It actually stresses me out. Can you imagine having someone who believes in your power so much…that their belief actually stresses you out because you know they 100% think you’ll do whatever you say you’re going to do?

He doesn’t know I notice this, but he still stops what actually-important work he’s doing at Company 360 on manic stressful weekends, and watches when I’m dancing, as if it’s the first time he’s ever seen me dance.

I’m writing this as your monthly reminder (because maybe I’ll do this every month?) that if you wait long enough, if you stop telling yourself you’re not settling and you wait – this exists.

A person who will let you know, from the very beginning (and now, almost a decade in), that you’re the person they’re with forever.

A person they compromise for and with.

A person they’ll fight (frequently, but hopefully well) with and for…no rose-colored glasses whatsoever.

The amount of ‘I am at my breaking point’ texts my best girlfriend has received over the years have been too many to count. And I’ve learned to stop looking at his messy side of the room even though I once thought it actually mattered more than someone who loves my mind as he does mine.

Know your power. Know that someone else one day will, too.

Love isn’t finding someone who bends to what you want or glorifies only your good parts or expects you to never send an ‘I hate love??’ text to your aforementioned best friend.

Love is working hard at love together and never doubting the worth of the hard.

I have doubted.

He has never. He has never stopped letting me know I am ‘it.’ He’s all in. My messy corners very much included. This exists. That sort of certainty from someone else. So…wait for it.

It’s not a perfect love. But even when s–t gets hard…

It’s a love that stops work, when least expected, and smiles when you dance.”

Young woman sits on her boyfriend's lap for a photo together
Courtesy of Bailey Anne Vincent

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