‘Hey Instagram, please show me more of this – more mess, more clutter, more laundry and dishes. I want to see reality.’: Mom urges ‘life is a little more beautiful when it’s imperfect’

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Hey Instagram, please show me more of this-more mess, more clutter, more laundry and dishes…I want to see reality.

I don’t want to see the perfectly decorated home, or the perfectly dressed kids who are all miraculously smiling and looking at the camera. I don’t want to see the family beaming at one another as they’ve never fought a day in their life.

Show me the kids running amuck seconds before the camera snapped the perfect Kodak moment. Show me the dishes piled high in the sink because you spent the entire morning being present with your children rather than cleaning up.

Show me the raw moments—the real moments. Show me I’m not the only human behind the screen, and I’m not the only imperfect being on this app.

It’s nice to see beautifully decorated homes, perfectly styled dinners, professional family photos, and all the other pretty things we’re used to scrolling through, but I find reality far more beautiful.

I don’t know about you, but my best days aren’t the ones spent in a tidy house. Those are the days spent doing nothing but cleaning and picking up after my kids.

My best days are when I pretend the mess doesn’t bother me and truly spend time with my girls. My best memories with my family aren’t styled and posed for, they’re messy and spontaneous.

So please Instagram, give me the real stuff. Real beauty, real families, real issues, real life, because life is a little more beautiful when it’s imperfect.”

selfie of mom with a pile of dirty dishes in the back and a messy kitchen while smiling with her thumb up
Courtesy of Rachael Krupski

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