Pray For Ukraine Because Humankind Is Your Business

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“How lucky are we.

How lucky are we to tuck them in under blankets instead of underground tonight.

To smell them and breathe them in tonight with a certain sense of safety.

To make sure they are kissed goodnight instead of goodbye.

How lucky that we can’t sleep because our hearts break on the behalf of people we’ve never met, and not because our spirits and homes are being attacked by people we never met.

Friends, no matter how minimal it may seem in some of your walks, prayer is all we have and it is our weapon.

Please take time tonight in gratitude for how lucky we are, to go boldly to the throne on behalf of our people.

Storm the gates with intensity of love for humankind. For heartbeats and families.

Ukraine is ours. They are ours because they are humankind.

This is 100% our business.

If you are breathing, humankind is your business.

Wherever you are. Stop.

For everyone being funneled into something without choice.

Ukraine and Russia both.

Please pray.

Please kiss your babies. Hug your heartbeats.

Say I love you.

Stay in constant connection with each other.

Fuel your heart to pour your heart out on their behalf.

Pray without ceasing. March and arm and warrior from your safety for their safety.

Pray they will feel us and Him in their tiny cemented corners.

We will find them in their fear and give them a breath of peace, even for only a millisecond.

Light over darkness. Over and over and over. They are all ours. We all belong to each other.

Keep going. Keep storming. Keep praying. They need us…all the lucky ones. Amen.”

mom snuggling with young child
Courtesy of Kristen Brust

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Kristen Brust of Nashville, TN. You can follow her journey on Instagram, her website, and her podcast. Be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories.

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