‘I am OVER IT. I spotted your car swerving. I could see your sweet kids strapped into car seats in the back.’: Mom’s desperate plea to put your phones down while driving

“Legit I am OVER IT.

I spotted your car swerving a bit in your lane and noted you had a part of your car mat sticking out the door.

I could see the heads of your sweet kids strapped into car seats in the back of your car.

I figured you were a hot mess mom like me.

But you were traveling under the speed limit which should have been a sign.

When we went to pass you, one glance in your direction revealed you were indeed on your phone. 

Texting away driving 55 mph on the highway with your babies on board.

I was close enough for you to swerve into me if you didn’t look up soon, my babies were on board too and my blood just boiled.

My son in the passenger seat watched to see how long it would take you to notice our beeping and he had his window down ready to tell you to get off the phone.

We beeped for over a mile and you barely looked up and never once noticed us.

What was so important on your phone to risk the lives of all of us hurling down the highway fast enough that a collision could kill us all??

Not a gosh darn thing, that’s what. 


We watched for texting and driving during the rest of our hour-long highway trip and saw about 5 more people looking down and just occasionally glancing up.

NONE OF THEM WERE TEENAGERS. So, we need to own this older people who should know better.

Because I can’t even with this, friends.

I’m guessing the mom I saw would never down a bottle of Chardonnay and then drive her kids on the highway this morning.

But studies show texting and driving is just as forking dangerous.




Let’s not wait until someone we know and love dies to take up this cause. 

We all need to care about this right now. Today. All of us.

Put down your phone. 

Pull the heck over if you have to.

But for the love of God make a better choice before you cause unimaginable heartbreak to someone.

Because seriously that someone might be you.

{Off to drive home now…here’s to putting my phone in the glovebox until I get there. It’s the only way.}”

Courtesy Amy Betters Midtvedt

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