I Was Destined To Be A Boy Mom

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“I’m raising my sons with your daughters in mind.

Because I firmly believe that my being a boy mom was not an accident. It wasn’t a coincidence.

And, even more than that, I know without a doubt that I’ve been called to be a boy mom right here, right now.

In this climate, during this time, to this generation.

Because there’s a certain dialogue that’s permeating the world we live in, and our sons have the power to change it. To flip it upside down. To turn it on its head.

Which means that we, the parents of boys, have the power to be catalysts to that change.

Across our country, around the globe, little girls are being inundated with the message that boys are bad. That men are not to be trusted. That instead of protecting you like they ought to, they’ll be the perpetrator. They’ll be the cause of your pain. They’ll be the reason for a story that you should’ve never had to tell.

And while that breaks my heart for my boys—for all the men who aren’t that kind of man, for all the men who strive to be the exact opposite of the image that’s being portrayed—my heart breaks so much more for your girls.

Because this is not at all what was intended for them.

Little girls are supposed to be able to trust men.

Little girls are supposed to be able to feel safe.

Little girls are supposed to be able to be cherished.

Little girls are supposed to be able to know their immense worth.

Little girls are supposed to be able to set boundaries and have them respected.

Without question. In every circumstance. No matter what.

All of it—it is about our children.

It is about altering the future.

It is about understanding the gravity of our role as parents to this generation.

So, I’m determined to not get caught up in the mess of it.

I’m determined to not drown in the distractions, losing sight of my true calling.

I’m determined to not allow our children’s future to become lost in the ridiculousness that we oftentimes resort to as adults.

Because this is about them.

It’s about the fact that though we can’t change the pain of yesterday, we can prevent the pain of tomorrow.

It’s about me working tirelessly to raise my sons to be better for the sake of your daughters.

And it’s about your daughters knowing that their worth is never, ever tied to a man. Never. Ever.

But I pray, and trust, that my boys will be nothing like the men in the stories your daughters are hearing.

Because I’m raising my sons with your daughters in mind.”

Two young boys stand looking out window of bedroom whose mother says she was meant to be a boy mom
Krista Ward

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