I Must Turn Away Potential Clients For Therapy Every Day, And It Breaks My Heart

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“Do you want to know the worst part about being a therapist today?

Turning people away.

Each time I respond to an inquiry from a new potential client, my heart breaks a bit more.

Their messages are always the same.

‘But, no one has openings.’

‘I’ve been looking for so long.’

‘A friend recommended you.’

‘Your profile sounds perfect for me.’

And 95% of the time for the past 19 months I have had to turn them away.

Almost all of them.

For many people, it takes a lot of guts and bravery to even get to the point of reaching out, and then all they get are doors shut in their face.

Over and over again.

Turning people away has become part of my daily routine.




Because people are hurting.

Because there are so many struggling.

Because relationships are suffering.

Because the world is too much right now for so many.

Because the negativity everywhere is palpable.

Because it’s hard to find hope right now.

Because everything is just too freaking hard for a lot of people.

So, show each other some grace.

You never know who might have just lost their job, or lost a loved one, or hasn’t had a day off in months.

Or spent every ounce of their energy to just peel themselves out of bed that morning.

So, be kind to each other.

Chances are pretty high that the person taking too long in front of you at your coffee shop or cutting you off in traffic is hanging on by a thread.

So, forgive the little mistakes of others.

Maybe you are the only one today who can provide that person with a bit of understanding and compassion.

So, reach out to your people and check on them – even if their social media is light and bright.

Even if they are smiling in the school drop-off line.

Even if they seem okay.

I promise there are some people in your life right now who are pretending to be fine while walking through each day completely broken inside.

Find the glimmers of hope – no matter how small – for yourself and for others.

Highlight them.

Share them.

Shout about them.

BE the bright spots for people.

Because we all need some bright spots right now.”

woman looking thoughtfully into a camera
Courtesy of Jenni Brennan

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