‘I see you meeting all the needs. Carrying all the weight. Balancing all the plates. But…what about you?’: Mom urges importance of maternal self-care

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“Lean in, sister.

I see you meeting all the needs. Feeding all the people. Arranging all the schedules. Cleaning all the things. Answering all the calls.

Filling all the love tanks. Hydrating all the littles. Reading all the picture books. Staying up late to finish all the things. Adding to the to-do list. Chauffeuring all the children.

Carrying all the weight. Steering the ship. Making sure no one falls behind. Juggling all the appointments. Balancing all the plates.

But…what about you?

This is one thing I’m preaching hardcore to myself right now: If I don’t get it right for me, I can’t get it right for them.

Our families deserve and need wives and mamas and women who are well-fed, well-hydrated, well-prioritized, well-loved — and if all of that is coming from the Living Well? THEN EVEN BETTER.

Sister, you are worthy of cold, refreshing well water. you need more than the last leftover of everything – and we’re not called to be martyrs for our families. This is not healthy leadership.

Instead, we’re invited to step into our divine callings with heads held high, hearts available, bodies well cared for, minds alert, and spirits yielding to a good, good Father.

I want to challenge all of us to extend the same courtesy, the same care, the same love to ourselves that we so freely give to others. The Father wants more for us.

How are you pouring into your own growth this week?”

Mom of interracial family takes a photo hugging her five kids while they on sit on a bench outside together
Courtesy of Bethany Ashabraner

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