Instead Of Christmas Elf On The Shelf, I’m Doing Halloween ‘Doll In The Hall’

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“Instead of an Elf on the Shelf in December, I’m doing a Doll in the Hall in October.

Basically, you take a creepy Annabel porcelain doll that your kids already believe is haunted, and keep secretly moving it around the house.

For an extra festive touch, I put the doll right in bed with one of the kids whenever they throw it in the trash.

It’s Day 3 and they want to move!

My daughter Adele, 7, collects ‘creepy dolls’ and this one creeped her out too much.

She threw it out, but I just assumed she threw it in the wrong bin, so I put it back in her room.

When she saw it there the next morning, she was pretty alarmed, and I saw the perfect opportunity for a Halloween prank.

I never thought it would get this far, it’s kind of overwhelming, but I love Halloween so much and if I started a tradition that other families can take in, have fun, and make memories that will last forever that means a lot to me.

Halloween should be a fun time, we have more fun celebrating Halloween than Christmas and I’m glad to have spread that joy.

creepy doll holding knife by microwave
Courtesy of Natasha Hudarovich

My son Knox, 3, has a huge heart.

He’s actually begging me to just let the doll in our family because she’s haunting us out of loneliness. He’s concerned that she doesn’t have any friends.

His kindness is worlds larger than any fears he might have.

I like seeing their imaginations at work.

They are trying to solve the mystery of the doll and I love that, that they’re actively doing something to solve their problem rather than just being scared about it.

creepy doll sitting on top of toilet with knife, and "redrum" is written on the mirror
Courtesy of Natasha Hudarovich

I think any positive memories you can give your kids from childhood are important, they’re going to remember the good things, the happy times.

I want my kids to have lots of happy times to remember.”

kids sleeping on couch with creepy doll by them
Courtesy of Natasha Hudarovich

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