After 15 Years Without Contact, Man Nervously Knocks On Biological Mother’s Door

When Jonathan Scott Hernandez was 12 years old, his life took a very unexpected turn. His parents got separated and he went to live with his father.

This was the life event that would cause the then-sixth-grader to lose touch with his mother, Linda, and younger sister, Jericha, after they moved away to Florida.

Today, Jonathan is 27 years old. He lives and Texas and is a popular YouTube personality who documents life alongside his partner, Haydee.

“I tried for years trying to find them but no one knew anything them,” Jonathan wrote on YouTube. “I spent so many years searching on social media and contacting so many people but had no success.”

Then, in late December 2019, Jonathan’s cousin who lives Florida happened to run into Jericha at Walmart and got her number.

Jonathan called that number… and it wasn’t long before he was finally able to see his mother and sister again after 15 very long and overdo years.

Watch the clip below to see why this tear-jerking reunion has already racked up more than 600,000 views.

Video Credit: Caters / Anxiety Couple

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