‘They hear him yell ‘I love you’ at me out the window. They see us dance in the kitchen together for no reason.’: Mom shares importance of setting example of ‘what love should look like’

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“Every day, our kids witness their dad openly and intentionally loving their mom.

This weekend, they’ve seen us dance in the kitchen together and smooch on the lounge for no reason.

They’ve heard him yell ‘I love you’ at me out the window and caught him grinning like a schoolboy when I flashed him as he mowed.

They’ve had him say to them directly, ‘Boys, how cute is your mom?’ To which they giggled and Noah responded, ‘Pretty cute.’

And just now, E smirked as Mitch responded, ‘Can I come to watch?’ after I walked away saying I was off to get in my jammies.

All like it’s nothing. Like it’s normal.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. All love languages are individual and all relationships are built differently…

But for me, I feel so grateful our kids are growing up in a home where love, affection, and appreciation are not only valued but are on display every day as if it’s standard and expected.

As they grow from kids to adults, I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that love is rooted in their family home.

black and white selfie of mom and dad at the beach carrying their toddler daughter in a towel and smiling
Courtesy of Janessa Docking

I hope they watch their mom and dad loving on each other and goofing around, and stitch the same sentiment and fun into their own relationships.

I hope they learn from listening to their dad that words, appreciation, and genuine acts of kindness can really mean so much to someone they love.

To think that him thanking me for meals, telling me I look nice, and using endearing words of love all in their earshot is adding to their inner definition of marriage makes me proud of the partner they’ll become.

I hope they notice the adoration in my eyes when he tells me every day that he loves me and appreciates me, and know that this is what love should look like, and what love should feel like.

In this house, love is shown in many ways, but golly I’m grateful that most of those ways are big, loud, and obvious.

Because for them, it gives them permission to be open and honest with their feelings, and to be grand and passionate if they want to be.

It also sets a standard for what they will grow up knowing they deserve—a person who loves them hard with intention, respect, and loyalty… just like how their dad loves their mom.

He’s really setting the bar and for that, I’m forever grateful.”

Portrait of family at the beach with mom resting her hands around her young sons' shoulders and dad carrying their toddler daughter on top of his shoulders
Courtesy of Janessa Docking

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