Mom Records Prank Telling Twin Sons Their Brother Died In Order To Win Free Cruise

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Brittany Jade Szabo is a popular 33-year-old TikTok personality and mother of three. Two of her children are 7-year-old twin boys, Levi and Cove.

In the now-deleted video, Brittany and her husband filmed a TikTok with their boys in the backseat of their car. They said they were hoping to win a free Royal Caribbean cruise for Levi and Cove’s birthdays. Brittany explained why the vacation was so well-deserved — because the twins had been suffering heartache and stress since losing their “triplet” brother at birth.

But then one of the boys jumped into the conversation and said they never even had a third brother.

“They’re still in denial,” Brittany remarked.

What her 2.2 million followers didn’t know (but were about to quickly learn) was that the whole thing was just a prank set up by Brittany and her husband to see if the boys would play along as part of a TikTok prank trend. In other words, her son was right — there was never a sibling who passed away.

Many of her followers are now slamming Brittany, accusing her of being insensitive to infant loss, a heartbreaking reality faced by so many families each and every year. The severe backlash caused Brittany to return to TikTok, apologize, and delete her original video altogether. “We are extremely sorry to those who were hurt, triggered or offended by the context of that video.”

However, many say the damage has been done and that this should be a lesson in more responsible parenting.

@maggiemay7770 She now made a video telling people to delete these videos that she posted and wants everyone to erase this video😳 Im so sorry for all the woman that have lost their babies and had to see this video of what she and her husband did in front of they’re children and saying with lies and laughing about it.. it’s very disturbing and sad I’ll be praying for them😢 #R#ReTokforNatureb#brittanyjaded#disturbings#shockingr#redditc#cancelherB@Brittany Jade ♬ original sound – Maggie

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