‘I spent hours in this room yesterday. I walked in today, to this. I could have said a million things. I wanted to, but I didn’t.’: Mom shares important reminder to be mindful of our responses

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“I spent hours in this room yesterday.

I put toys away. I put books away. I recycled drawings and wrote the date on the back of ones I thought they’d (and I’d) want to keep. I put random bits of dry play dough in the bin and cut up pieces of paper in the compost. I hung up dress ups. I put the half clothed and rather mangy looking Barbie dolls away.

And I walked in today – to this.

This is standard.

This is a running joke in our house.

We’ve tried pocket money, but they don’t really get it, and I kind of want it all to happen organically and think my storage options are possibly to blame.

little girl makes a mess with watercolor paints
Courtesy of The Postnatal Project

But I could have said a million things.

I could have walked in and asked, ‘What the heck?!’

I wanted to.

But I didn’t.

They were so quiet.

‘Wow, I love you. What are you working on?’

They were so excited to see me, to show me. Their faces could have had a different expression, depending on what I’d said.

We’ll work on housekeeping skills later. Play is important. The world can wait.”

mom sits on her couch holding a cup
Courtesy of The Post Natal Project

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